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Pab's Pique

Pab's Pique is where our love affair with towelling began. 

A piece entirely inspired by Arnold Newman's 1965 portraits of Pablo Picasso in his Cannes studio. 

It's just one of those pieces - the single jet hip pocket and the open un-hemmed collar. It sits so perfectly in an environment of greatness, however amongst the master pieces it's the shirt that stands out so boldly to the like-minded.

We have run a small batch of these, made in London, in 2 colours.

Because it's an image, nearly seventy years later we are never going to know the true colour of the garment we have so coveted. So we've gone for two options; 

Terracotta - darker of the two, with red undertones and true to the shirt if you look at the head shots of this image.

And Cannes - more of a burnt rust, and perhaps truer to the full length portrait, a lighter shade as if kissed by the Cannes sun of 1956.

Pab sit2.jpg

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