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H.E Sports



Est. London 2020


H.E Sports is an independent menswear brand by Gregory Farmer, inspired by the golden age of leisurewear.


We create off-duty clothes that draw on pieces from the past worn by artists, musicians, actors, surfers and people on the street. We take great care to meticulously recreate what made these garments to create authentic, everyday clothes that can be loved for years to come.


We believe that clothes should be made to be worn and made to be loved. Our clothes are made in small batches by highly skilled makers in London and recently, the North East. Every aspect is scrutinised for its impact on the environment and its authenticity. 


Our Story

Throughout his time in the menswear industry, at the helm of heritage brand Brutus and our sister company Gregory Farmer Clothing, founder Greg Farmer built an extensive archive of forensically recreated subcultural pieces. 


Though, the lockdowns of 2020 and working alongside his wife and their 4-month old baby in a two bed in South London opened up a significant gap in his wardrobe — something that didn’t fit the rigidity of subcultural styles that were covered by GFC. The first Home Edition sports shirt was born, inspired by Ivy League button downs of the 1950s.


Weeks turned into months and the need to feel put-together but comfortable at home didn’t waver. More functional pieces emerged, Home Edition merged into H.E and one brand naturally became two. 


As an autobiographical brand, we continue to develop the H.E. Sports collections inspired by things we do and see: surfing in our new home on the North East coast, Arnold Newman’s iconic images of Picasso in the 1950s, Hayashida’s Take Ivy and so much more. 


Through everything we do, we are a love letter to British manufacturing. We make everything in small batches in our London factory using high quality, end of the line cloth—from Italian cotton to Irish linens—to ensure they last a long time. Our patterns are all cut where we live in the North East and we source our buttons from Courtney & Co in Wiltshire. 

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